The MainStreet Dayton Business Resource Center
in cooperation with the

Dayton Chamber of Commerce

Rhea Economic & Tourism Council

Bryan College

Chattanooga State


MainStreet Dayton is striving to bring new life to our downtown area, to make it a more vibrant and attractive place to Work, Live, Shop and Enjoy, while preserving the historic integrity and beauty of the downtown commercial district.

Courthouse Square Revitalization: Private Realm Grant Program -

Phase I: Exterior Building Rehabilitation.
Phase II:
Exterior Awnings, Signange and Other Exterior Building Rehabilitation
Phase III:
Entrance Doors, Storefront Glass and Glazing, and Exterior Windows, and Other Exterior Building Rehabilitation

Main Street Entry Way: Addition of two beautiful entry way light poles on brick pedestals with MainStreet Dayton bronze plaques and an archway between the two light poles that welcomes you to the downtown area.

New Restrooms in Centennial Park: A much needed addition downtown that is very convenient during festivals and events.

Courthouse Square Plaza & Monument: Improvements include detailed pavement treatments, monumental steps, brick pedestals, and new monument signage announcing the Historic Courthouse & Museum.

Downtown Parking: Several downtown parking areas have been resurfaced and restriped, with decorative iron fencing & landscaping enhancements added. Decorative parking lot & directional signage added to assist in easily locating designated parking areas.

MainStreet Dayton Activities & Accomplishments:
• Beautification of downtown area: Through fundraising efforts & partnering with businesses, gaining private sponsorship (all from within the community)
• MainStreet Dayton Business Resource Center: Providing essential assistance and resources for both new and existing businesses to encourage both growth and sustainability.
• MainStreet Dayton Survey: A survey to gain interest, support and ideas from the local community concerning various issues and activities to improve and enhance our community and the downtown commercial district.

MainStreet Dayton has also provided for our downtown area:
• Seasonal Flags: Historic Rhea County Flags, Strawberry Festival, PumpkinFest, Christmas, Rhea Co. Eagles, Bryan College
• Vintage Lamp posts
• Trash receptacles & benches
• Stamped Concrete intersection (with a grant from DOT)

• Shop Downtown Dayton billboard
• Brochures & maps
• Cooperative advertising of downtown area
• Seasonal Events: Spring Fling, Scopes Festival, PumpkinFest, Christmas at the Courthouse/Horse & Carriage Parade

Historic Rhea County Ornaments - $25 each
MainStreet Dayton offers a series of these beautiful ornaments that depict several select historical buildings in and around Dayton. All proceeds go to the downtown projects of the MainStreet Dayton. Click here for more detail about each ornament, and for purchasing information.












MainStreet Dayton
107 Main St.
Dayton, TN 37321

(423) 775-9847

Rachel Marshall
Executive Director